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“Rivalry Renewed: Vipers vs. KCCA Clash”[DONE]

As the sun dips below the horizon, the stage is set at Kitende for a thrilling spectacle as arch-rivals Vipers and KCCA prepare to clash in a highly anticipated showdown.


In this captivating duel, the ambitions of both teams collide – Vipers, fueled by their title aspirations, aim to assert their dominance, while KCCA, driven by the desire to disrupt their adversary’s quest for glory and climb out of the relegation quagmire, stand as formidable opponents.


With the league standings painting a vivid picture, Vipers perch confidently in 4th place with 35 points, holding a commanding nine-point lead over their 10th-placed adversaries, KCCA.



On the touchlines, the plot thickens with a cast of familiar faces; Abdallah Mubiru, now at KCCA’s helm, brings with him a wealth of experience, having once graced the ranks of Vipers. Conversely, Livingstone Mbabazi, orchestrating proceedings for Vipers, reminisces about his time standing alongside Mubiru during their shared tenure with the Uganda Cranes. Adding another layer to the narrative, KCCA’s goalkeeping stalwart, Moses Oloya, carries with him a treasure trove of memories from his days at Kitende.



The clash also serves as a reunion for former comrades, adding an extra dimension of intrigue to the encounter.

Ashraf Mugume and the conspicuous absence of Muhammad Shaban symbolize KCCA’s determination, while Allan Okello, Moses Waiswa, Derrick Ochan, and Bright Anukani, adorned in the Yellow and Blue of Lugogo, evoke a sense of nostalgia as they prepare to face their former club with unwavering resolve.

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